Faction Brewing hosts Ales for ALS


Please forgive my late review of this event- in some ways it has taken me this long to recover! On August 8th, Faction Brewing hosted this noble rager benefitting ALS in their Alameda, Ca headquarters. If you have never visited Faction, the location is an experience in and of itself. Faction operates inside an old airplane hangar on what used to be a naval base back in the day; the naval base is conveniently located on the shoreline with a beautiful, unobstructed view of the Bay Bride and SF skyline. Definitely a view you should enjoy while tossing back a few brews!

Ales for ALS is a gathering of California breweries who each brew a special beer for ALS (for example, Stone contributed an amazing ImperiALS IPA). For $40/ticket, attendees could enjoy as many of these brews as they could physically handle. As lucrative as this sounds, yours truly being the responsible drinker that she is, kept it under 8 beers( mind you, they were not full pours).

I did my best to take pictures/notes of each beer that I tried as there wasn’t a single brew that I tasted that day that wasn’t tasting for the first time. Here are the two standouts amongst the bunch.

Faction Brewing, Anomaly Milk Stout     ABV: 6.5%

This was easily my favorite brew that I tried that day. What immediately struck me about Faction’s Milk Stout was the color- YOU COULD SEE THROUGH IT! In the age-old tradition of dark, murky, creamy stouts, Faction’s take on this brew style is quite rightfully labeled as an anomaly.

Despite the misleading appearance, Milk Stout was every bit as cream and complex as you would expect a stout to be. Although the thought of milk and beer together may be a bit off-putting, what I feel that it hinted towards was a dulce de leche effect; this beer is creamy and rich and very reminiscent of a Werther’s Originals candy.

I will definitely be back for more of this as it is a regular offering from Faction Brewing!

Russian River, Supplication       ABV: 7%

Russian River has developed quite a cult following, and for very good reason. Their tent easily drew the longest lines of the day.

Of the two sours that I enjoyed at the event, Russian River’s Supplication was easily the superior brew. The description promises a sour brown ale that is aged in pinot noir barrels sour cherries- holy shit do they deliver. The flavors burst on the palate without making your face cringe.  Let me just say, this beer quickly made me get over the disappointment at the absence of Russian River’s revered Pliny the Elder.

I wish I could provide more notes on the several other beers that I tried that day, but alas, my memory was a bit foggy 😉 This is definitely an event worth checking out; Personally, I will be making this a new tradition!


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