Happy Beer Day!

We live in a beautiful day and age: a time in which the glorious, hop-filled nectar of the Gods is celebrated nationwide!

What else could I possibly spend my free time doing on Beer Day other than drinking beer, of course?! For yesterday’s libations, I ventured to one of my local favorites: Drakes Dealership, the newest location of Drakes Brewing Company located in the heart of Downtown Oakland.

While I waited for my friends to arrive, I enjoyed a Drakonic Barrel Aged Stout. The words bourbon, barrel and stout have really been my buzzwords lately; I’ve been enjoyed quite a few deliciously rich, indulgent stouts and am loving the flavor palette that the bourbon barrel adds to the body and complexity of a classic stout. Drakonic is no exception. It is smooth, flavor-infused maple, caramel and, dare I say, honey? It was a delicious choice to begin with- I even recommended it to a Drake’s first-timer who was there and he was blown away by it.

Next was a Drakes staple: Denogginizer Imperial (or Double) IPA. You simply must have a Denog if you are trying Drakes for the first time, as it truly sets the bar and defines what the Drakes flavor is all about. If you can, try it on tap first so that you can experience the overwhelmingly fresh, floral scent of the head of the pour. It really reassures you that the liquid that is about to become acquainted with your tongue is other-worldly, and deserving of gracing your beer-loving palette. Full of citrus and dank hops, this brew is truly it’s own beast. At a whopping 9.75%abv, it is a force to be reckoned with.

I stuck with Denog for the remainder of my visit, which was really just a solid good time. One thing I love about Drakes is the shared pride of being a local beer company as well as a community establishment. The place was packed with not only beer lovers, but with plenty of locals that were wrapped up in the excitement of yet another history-making Golden State Warriors game (which was televised on all screen, of course). Drakes makes you feel like you are at home, and who could ask for anything better than that?



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