Drake’s Dry Stout (Nitro)


Beer Style: Stout (Nitro)       ABV: 4.8%       Served: Draft

On a visit to the local watering hole by my job after a long week, I was stoked to find Drake’s Dry Stout (Nitro) on tap! Said local watering hole (Bloodhound) normally has an excellent selection of brews, by the way, so if you ever find yourself in the SOMA neighborhood of SF, pay them a visit!

When Nitrogen is introduced to a beer, it creates smaller bubbles which in turn create a smooth, creamy texture. Drake’s Nitro Stout is like a Guinness’ older brother; he’s more complex, mature, but still has all the old qualities that made you love him from the beginning. The rich flavor notes of chocolate malty goodness are like a hug for your taste buds. At a relatively low ABV, indulging in this brew almost makes you feel like you’re sneaking a midnight snack, and you simply can’t have just one.

This is a good stout to try if you’re newer to this beer style and developing your palette; the flavor notes are a lot more friendly and with a low 22 IBU it is not very bitter. Enjoy!


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