Anderson Valley Bourbon Barrel Stout

Brew Style: Stout       ABV: 6.9%       Served: Tap/Bottle      

You know that feeling when you order a soda at a fast food restaurant, and as you eagerly take the first sip of what you think is going to be Coca Cola, it turns out to be Dr. Pepper instead? Not that there’s anything wrong with the latter, but it’s not the taste you were expecting, and it shocks your parched taste buds in a very negative way.

Drinking this beer for the first time was the exact opposite of this scenario.

I first tried Bourbon Barrel Stout at the local watering hole down the street from my job, served in a glass, fresh from the tap. What I experienced was a euphoria of flavors gently caressing my soul.

As a fan of both beer and bourbon, I had set fairly high expectations in my mind of what I was looking for from this beer, and DAMN did it deliver! A sweet melange of maple, caramel and chocolate swirl together in a very dense, almost syrup-like pour. What surprised me was how well the flavors blended, and though they are each inherently sweet flavors, it wasn’t overwhelming for my savory-biased palette. I also wasn’t left feeling as if I had just eaten a 3 course meal, as is the case with many other stouts (in my experience).

I liked it so much, that I searched for it at my local BevMo and found it in a 22oz bomber. Though the flavors remained mostly the same, I did note a slight difference in consistency. The bottled version seemed more airy and carbonated than it’s fresh from the tap counterpart. However, it definitely wasn’t enough to cause any distaste or change in sentiment.

Do yourself a favor and go pick one up as soon as you can!



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