21st Amendment Brewing: San Leandro


21st Amendment is one of the more well-known breweries in the SF Bay Area. Imagine my excitement that they were opening a new location just 3 miles from where I live! Oh the possibilities, all of the beer that will be drunk.

I visited the new location in San Leandro on Saturday evening, and there was already had a respectable crowd of patrons inside. The space is huge, and very open. It is clear that is is a place that is still under development; there are no indoor bathrooms, food options are limited to carry out pizza, and tables/seating are right in the middle of what appears as a giant warehouse- a reminder of the unused space. This, however, is not much of a problem, as most of us are there for one thing only: good beer.

There were several of their staple brews available on tap, as well as big draws like the Batch 001- the first beer brewed by 21st Amendment. There were also carry out options available for purchase, which is always a plus!

I have great faith that in the next couple of years (or even months), this location will develop into one of the most frequented, and most modern local breweries. I look forward to watching it grow!

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