21st Amendment Monk’s Blood


Brew Style: Belgian Ale ABV: 8.3% Served: Canned

When I visited the new 21st Amendment location in San Leandro, I relished the opportunity to try some of their brews that I had yet to try. I started with a Brew free! Or Die IPA, which was delicious. A good, solid IPA that reminded me a lot of Lagunitas IPA, but with it’s own little kick. For me, the most memorable brew that I tried that day was Monk’s Blood.

The description on the outside of the Monk’s Blood can (which appropriately depicts what appears to be ancient scrolls-like writing) boasted flavor notes of cinnamon, vanilla, oak chips and fig- all of which happen to be some of my favorite flavors.

This is a Belgian ale that resembles its big brother stout, as far as flavor and body. However, Monk’s Blood successfully retains the signature body of the Belgian style, making the depth of the flavor playfully mingle with the dark, heavy-yet-airy consistency. I was beyond impressed. This is possibly my favorite 21st Amendment brew, thought I certainly look forward to trying many more!


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