Schilling Ginger Cider


Brew Style: Hard Cider      ABV: 6.5%      Served: Can, poured into chilled glass

I tried this cider for the first time at Brews and Brats, a new local spot in Hayward, Ca. I immediately fell in love with it; I am a fan of ciders in general, and ginger is one of my favorite complimentary flavors. Schilling really hit the nail on the head with this combination, straddling the perfect line between spicy and sweet.

I had never heard of Schilling before, so I decided to do some research. It turns out that they operate out of Seattle, Washington. Luckily enough, I was going to visit Seattle the very next weekend, and visiting the cider house was suddenly at the tope of my itinerary!


The Schilling Cider House, located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle- easily my favorite neighborhood. The tasting room was a lot smaller than I expected it to be, however, the selection of ciders as definitely anything but small! Refrigerators full of bottled and canned ciders lines the wall to the left for convenient to-go options, and the draft selection was almost too enticing to bear. I opted for a flight to maximize my tasting options, and took the following notes on my selections:

Currant: Tasted very much like grape, almost as if it were a sparkling wine.

Granny Apple: Tasted very much like a mature version of a green apple Jolly Rancher, and I mean that in the best way! This was probably one of my favorite ciders that I tried. It was not too sour as I expected it to be, and also had the strongest ABV of the bunch that I tried!

Grapefruit: I love grapefruits, and this cider was everything that I wanted/expected from it: refreshing, zesty and perfectly tangy.

Apricot: This cider, for me, was lacking. There was almost no detectable apricot notes, it was almost like a regular, unflavored cider.

Rhubarb: This cider was very fruity and thick, it tasted very much like jam without being too sweet or heavy.

Stunewall: This was too dry for my taste. Honestly, I left this one for the boyfriend to drink.

This didn’t even come close to tasting even half of the ciders that they had available! I would definitely make it a point to visit Schilling whenever I return to Seattle, and recommend it to all visitors to the area.



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