Local Brews and Eats at Brews and Brats

Brews and Brats is one of the newest establishments to open up in downtown Hayward, and is creating quite a buzz! I first noticed the “Coming soon: Brews and Brats” sign about a year ago, and was very excited to have another local spot to enjoy some great brews. I was also very interested to see how this new business would do considering it is located directly across from one of Hayward’s most loved restaurants and brewery, Buffalo Bills.

It seemed that there was quite a delay with the restaurant opening, and when they finally opened, we were initially able to order beer only – no food. Fortunately, that wasn’t too much a disappointment, as I honestly was most excited to scope out the beer selection.

As for the beer selection, it was great to see a lot of familiar local brews, especially from fierce up and comer, Drake’s. I tried what had to be my favorite stout I’ve ever had (I feel that it deserves it’s own review, so stay posted!). It was, however, a little disappointing to not see much a variety on tap as far as breweries go; there were a lot of the same names available, though here are also several bottled and canned brews to choose from. Still, I felt that a little bit more of a mix would’ve been more refreshing.

Overall, it was a great experience and I will surely be back! After all, I was introduced to a new favorite cider here- which you will read all about in my review to follow!


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