Auburn Alehouse – Gold Digger IPA

gold digger Beer Style: IPA       ABV: 6.2%       Served: 22oz Bottle Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of indulging in Auburn Alehouse’s Gold Digger IPA that the boyfriend so graciously surprised me with (um, was that a hint at something?). The first thing I noticed about the Gold Digger IPA was the distinct smell and taste of hops, but not the characteristic bitterness. After doing some investigation, it made a lot of sense to discover that this brew is dry-hopped (providing powerhouse hops smell, flavor without added bitterness). I definitely recommend this for someone looking to develop their palette and dip their toes into the magical world of IPAs. Other notable flavors included grapefruit and very heavy floral notes, which provided much-needed refreshment on a 80 degree+ afternoon! A solid beer I’d definitely drink again, though I may not make a trip specifically to seek it out.

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