Coronado Brewing Señor Saison

Beer Style: Saison       ABV: 6.5%        Served: 22oz Bottle

For my first review, I thought it would be most appropriate to cover a brew that I had tried recently and for the first time. Last night, the boyfriend brought home this intriguing brew which caught my eye on many levels.

I am obsessed with anything and everything that celebrates Mexican culture, so I was naturally excited by the graphic design on the bottle, as well as the very name “Señor.” In addition to the bold green, white and red letters and sugar skull designs, the ode to Mexican culture was most implied by the fact that this particular brew contained hints of jalapeño and piloncillo. These ingredients are both staples in every Mexican (and other Latino cultures) household and kitchen. Suffice it to say that I was intrigued as I was excited to try this brew.

When a beer comes bottled, I prefer to drink it from the bottle itself rather than pour into a pint glass ( which I did for the boyfriend). While I was pouring his share into a pint glass, I could already smell the undertones of jalapeno. The aroma alone suggested that this beer would pack a punch.

Then came the taste; While I was expecting quite a bit of spice, I was surprised to taste almost none. Instead, there was an intense freshness about the taste and a very smooth body, with even a hint of fruity notes. I would attribute this likely to the piloncillo which balanced out any intention by the jalapeno. While I could detect small flavor notes from the jalapeno, the spiciness just was not there as I have experienced in other beers (most namely the Habanero Sculpin by Ballast Point). While this initially was a small disappointment, I soon forgot about this small element as the rest of the brew was just so inviting and refreshing.

I normally do not gravitate towards saisons, and I would venture to say that they are an underrated style in today’s craft beer market. My guess would is that they traditionally are brewed with a lower abv and are not as widely available as some of the more popular styles such as IPAs, double IPAs, porters, etc, thus making them less attractive to the untrained, or simply stubborn eye. This saison, keeping tradition as a Belgian style beer, should not be so quick to be dismissed.


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